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Win at every duel.

A tree target that can receive the power and impact of your shots with such ease. Every circular paddle target on the tree is made of smooth laser-cut AR500 steel, which flip over easily whether you hit them dead center in the middle or on the outside edge.

  • Superb for testing your skill and accuracy with multiple areas up and down for you to aim at.
  • Serious fun in a duel game, or out on your own, with lots of drill options.
  • It can go with you anywhere. It’s transportable and easy to set up and put into place.

Double Tap Dueling Tree

Law Enforcement Component Specifications:

  • Double Tap Dueling Tree - 12 Paddles
  • Made of AR500 Armor Plate Steel, Base Included
  • 48" Tall | 17" Wide | 85 Pounds
  • Law Enforcement package investment is based on options for 3 different standard or armored bases

Got a us now!

Additional Information

Safety Designed Besides being plain old fun to shoot, the Salute Dueling Tree Target is designed to manage the bullet splatter—each paddle is set at a 20 degree angle to deflect the bullet splatter down into ground beneath and behind the target. The center post is built with angles that deflect bullet fragments to the side and not towards the shooter. 

All of our targets are made of the highest quality steel that survives the elements. They’ll last through rain storms, high temperatures, multiple coats of paint, and just about every caliber you can aim at them.

Salute Targets immediately confirm your increasing speed and accuracy with the bullet’s plinking sound against the metal, to give you instant satisfaction and assessment of your performance.

They are designed for protection and safety, built with angles that deflect bullet fragments to the ground or side, and not towards the shooter.

Product Reviews

5/5 - Great product
Posted by M.R.

I know you will enjoy this Salute Dueling Tree as much as I enjoy mine. This will give you and your friends many years of enjoyment. I know you work hard and play harder and this is one great product that you can play hard with.


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